If you maintain and increase strengthof the big muscle groups of the body your tendons become stronger and your muscles work more efficient.

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NW101 Chest





The Chest is a seated chest press, using your own body weight as resistance in the training. This station improves the strength of your chest,
front of shoulders and triceps.

NW102 Back





The backgives you an easyandeffectiveway
tostrengthen your backand the backofthe shouldersby using yourown body weightasresistancein the training

NW103 Situp

Sit Up

The Sit Upupstrengthensyour abdomen
thighs and hipsinan intuitiveway. The level ofdifficulty is determined by you
andyour level of experience.

NW104 Pullup




The Pull Up upcombines thestrengthofa wide range ofmuscle groupsin your arms, shoulders, backandcore.

NW105 Bar



The barstrengthensyour chest, triceps, coreand front ofyour shouldersinthemost simple and effectiveway.

NW106 Leg




The Leg fits all when it comes to building up strength in your thighs, legs and calves.