Fun Fitness

Norwell Junior is a series of outdoor fitness stations for eight to 14 year olds.

The unique, intuitive designs in our Junior series take advantage of the natural desire and motivation for play, and show kids the way to fun fitness.

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The Norwell Junior Smartphone App – first-of-its-kind – gives the kids a unique opportunity to better results in a fun and different way.

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NWJR101 Chest Jr




Junior chest

The Junior Chest station is a shoulder press using the kid’s own weight as resistance. Just the right amount of resistance for safe and effective training of the shoulders, triceps and chest..

NWJR102 Back Jr



Junior back

The Junior Back is a pull-down station to build up strength in the back, the shoulders and the biceps, again using the kid’s own weight as resistance..

NWJR103 Sit Up JR

Junior sit up

The Junior Sit Up is ideal for improving abdominal, thigh, hip and back muscles. The kids will use it facing up or down, enjoying the work out.

NWJR104 Pull Up Jr




Junior pull up

The Junior Pull Up primarily strengthens the muscles in the arms and shoulder by – as the name suggests – pulling up the body.

NWJR105 Bar JR (B)

Junior Bar

The Junior Bar improves the strength of the upper body in a variety of ways, e.g. by doing dips or ground level pull ups..

NWJR201 Doubbel Air Walker


Junior double Air Walker

On the Double Air Walker two kids can “walk on air” – side-by-side. Working out on the Air Walker improves the cardiovascular functions and increases the flexibility of the hip and thigh muscles..

NWJR202 Cross Jr



Junior Cross

The Junior Cross offers the kids a great way to develop hip, leg and arm muscles, and to improve the cardiovascular functions..

NWJR204 Hip


Junior Hip

The Junior Hip is a different kind of swing, gently developing the muscles of the back, hips and abdomen, as well as improving the cardiovascular functions.

NW501 Bench



The Bench is full of possibilities for training the abdomen, back, arms and legs – and to rest comfortably between workouts..

NW502 Pingpong


The Ping Pong table offers a fun and very beneficial way to get fit. In a playful and competitive activity, you train your coordination, movement and speed at the same time..

NW503 Sign b


Junior sign

The Norwell Junior Sign shares information about the training concept and the Norwell Junior Smartphone App, and gives a progressive signage to your Norwell Junior Outdoor Fitness park. Customized graphic design on the sign is possible.