Muscle endurance and  flexibility gives you the ability to perform not only a training program, but also the everyday continuous physical movements.

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NW401 Stretch


The Stretch is very efficient for keeping the mobility and flexibility in your hamstrings, calves and gluteus when you cool down and stretch our after exercising.

NW501 Bench


The Bench is full of possibilities for training your abdomen, back, arms and legs - and for resting comfortably.

NW502 Pingpong


The Ping Pong table offers a fun and very beneficial way to get fit.In a playful and competitive activity, you train your coordination, movement and speed at the same time.

NW503 Sign b



The Norwell Sign shares information about the training concept and the Norwell Smartphone App, and gives a progressive signage to your Norwell Outdoor Fitness park. Customized graphic design on the sign is possible.